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No time for marketing? We've got you!

We know that managing business by yourself is a challenging task. Fortunately we are here to help you 

Our story

After hearing the excuse "I don't have time for you" from my friends that owned businesses over and over again I was tired and confused why they don't have time for anything. Then I decided to also try one of my business ideas and that's when I realised just how much work it is to achieve success. Back then I wasn't ready for sacrificing my free time so I came back to pursuing my marketing career. Until one day my friend asked me if I could help him free up his time by taking over marketing responsibilities. And that's how Kzmm was born.

What do we do?


Facebook advertising

Facebook and Instagram combined have around 4 billion active users every month. We have access to all of them with the help of advertising.

Do you want to have access to them without spending your precious time ?


Google advertising

Google is the most used search engine in the world. Most of them looking for solutions to their  problems. That's where you can step in and help and you will only be charged for the amount of clicks rather than for the number of displays

Provide us with your email and receive an estimate price of our services within 24 hours

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